Types of Siddha Medicines


Types of Siddha Medicines to treat Infertility

Both Internal and External Siddha Medicines are employed in treating the infertility. Siddha medication in the form of churnas (சூரணம்), kashayas (கசாயம்), legiyams (லேகியம்), mezugus (மெழுகு), kuligais (குளிகை), tablets (மாத்திரை) and arishtams(அரிஷ்டம்) of pure herbal or herbo mineral compounds are administered, depending upon the problem of the patient. These medications, though non-hormonal, help in ripening of the follicles, their maturation, and release of a good quality egg. External siddha medicines like medicated oils (மூலிகை எண்ணெய்) and fumigations (தூவல்) are also prescribed. Last but not the least, attempts to manage the psychological aspects of the entire issue and bring about a total physical and mental change in the patient, is the core of Siddha treatment. The drugs administered will help in enhancing sexual desire and fertility. For effective results patient should continue treatment minimum for 4 to 6 months.